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Gone are the days when mobiles phones and PCs were distant dreams! Today, almost everyone walks with an active smart phone with more than 30+ active applications. Mobile apps and web based apps are becoming extremely famous amongst techno freaks. Conversely, it has become tough for potential app promoters. This can be attributed to the need for effective methods that can be used to market applications. So, are you searching for strategies that can give you a kick start in the app world? Do you want effective marketing methods that can change your online image? If yes, read on! Here are few interesting marketing tips for apps. First of all, you should design an appeal application that functions flawlessly. Never dream of success, without a working app. If you want to experience success in the virtual market, you should design something that would lure potential users. The app must be something everyone yearns for consistently (or at least periodically). There are many sub-divisions to this idea. However, the most important ones would be the details you include in your app. When you pay close attention to every feature in the app, you will have the ability to make a huge world of a difference.

  • SKWAR one of the leading company that provides end-to-end CPI based App boosting solution for both platforms (iOS & Android). We have all types from Standard installs, High Retention, Extra High Retention, Keyword Search and High Engagement installs to cater to any specific marketing objective.

  • Every order comes with detailed reports from time of download, country, IP, Device, IDFA, duration, action and more. You will know precisely how your campaign is going. We also support Appsflyer, Tune & Adjust tracking links for advanced tracking of your campaigns.

  • With our guaranteed installs service, you will get all the exposure you need to rank your app on top of Google Play Store or iTunes App Store for your target keywords, region or category. With the right marketing mix backed with our quality of users, like most of our clients you too will see your app gaining traction in the app store.

Secondly, you should stay connected with potential users! This is a very important point forgotten by many techno freaks. Always remember that a play without lively audiences will remain futile. Similarly, an app without down-loaders will not reach anywhere. From news to papers to blogs to search engines, advertise your app in every possible platform. Tell everyone how awesome and useful your app is! As your application becomes (or at least appears) important, it will witness a sturdy sales figure. According to experts, this is one of the most important phases while marketing apps.

Thirdly, you should spread news about your app through Word of Mouth! This is another pivotal step in promoting your application. A recent survey declared that applications with just 60% positive reviews survived better than those without any positive/negative reviews. Most people tend to search for apps that devour positive experiences. If your application receives great reviews, it will definitely excel in the virtual market. Meanwhile, remember that users tend to rely on applications that are updated and fixed frequently. As you resolve common bugs quickly, you will have the wit to acquire a sturdy place in the hearts and minds of potential users. Another interesting tip that works well with all apps is affordability. Try to host your apps for free! Even the world’s finest developers find the process of launching paid apps difficult. Conversely, when you give apps for free, you will certainly gain a considerable number of audiences. This is because most people look for apps that are free in the PlayStore and iTunes App Store. So, wait for some good reviews before you launch a paid version of the app.
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